Amber Heard returns to cinema with new supernatural horror film In the Fire

New movie starring Amber Heard

After a short break in his career. Amber Heard It will return to the big screen just in time for Halloween. The film in question has a tentative title in hell (in Spanish “En el fuego”), a smaller project in which Najm participated Aquaman We’ve Got Used to It, which in turn marks the actress’s return to the horror genre after several years.

Given the film’s October premiere, a new promotional image was revealed this week in which he shares the spotlight with the Spanish actor. Eduardo Noriega. According to what has been revealed so far, in fiction Amber Heard She plays the role of a doctor who travels to a remote farm to treat a young man who shows extraordinary abilities. But the local priest believes the boy is possessed and does not believe traditional medicine can help him.

New movie starring Amber Heard

In a previous interview with Variety. Amber Heard He described the film as “A meditation on the almost supernatural powers of love through a strong, independent woman at the beginning of the twentieth century“. in hellThis is the director and co-writer’s first foray into the genre. Connor AllenHis most famous film to date is the new Western drama of 2021 Barren land. Lorenzo McGovern Zini, Sophie Amber, Luca Calvani And Jari Gugliucci They complete the film crew.

It is worth noting that after the legal battle with Johnny Depp, Amber Heard She will also play the role of Meera again Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, which is still scheduled to premiere in December of this year. Despite the actress’s comments during the defamation trial initiated by her former partner, the former president of… DC Films, Hamada El MaaHe denied that his role had been cut.

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in hell It will debut in select theaters on October 13 this year.

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