The number of flood victims in Kenya has risen to 210 people

At the same time, about 165,000 people were displaced, and the number of wounded and missing was 125 and 90, respectively.

Heavy rains have already caused major flooding, making it necessary to shelter 27,500 victims in 115 camps.

The government also advised all residents of threatened areas to leave immediately within the next 24 hours, before mandatory evacuation is implemented.

Meanwhile, the Kenya Meteorological Department has indicated that heavy rains will continue during this month, thus flooding and river overflowing conditions may worsen.

In addition to damage to highways and other roads, as well as the destruction of agricultural crops, the storm left about 196,000 victims in Kenyan territory, according to the authorities.

Among the areas most affected by heavy rains are those in the center and west of the country, including the capital, Nairobi.

Heavy rains also affect other countries in West Africa, such as Tanzania, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and are caused by the occurrence of the El Niño weather phenomenon.


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