Alleged ‘secret’ database of 3.8 billion phone numbers linked to Clubhouse users up for auction on ‘dark web’


25 July 2021, 21:00 GMT

The social network denies the data leak and ensures that it is a series of “bots” that generate millions of random numbers.

Hackers could have stolen billions of phone numbers from users of Clubhouse, the social network that offers voice chats, Warn Mark Ruff, a cybersecurity specialist at cybersecurity firm scip AG.

On July 24, Ruef posted on his Twitter account a screenshot, supposedly made on the dark web (“dark web” or “darknet”), in which the “hacker” was putting Database of 3.8 billion phone numbers Linked to Clubhouse users.

Even though the app only has a few tens of millions of users, the hacker ensures that the platform syncs the contact list of its clients and Automatically adds numbers to the club’s “secret base”.

“There’s a good chance you’ll be on the list even if you don’t sign up for the club,” Rove said.

Similarly, the “hacker” assures that each number in the database gets a score that evaluates how many times it has been added to other users’ phonebooks. In this way, he explains, it will be possible to create a file The international “ranking” of each person or organization.

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“It’s an exclusive offer. I’m looking for a serious buyer,” the hacker wrote, noting that the database will be sold on September 4 in a private auction.

For its part, the social network in question denied the data leak. “There was no club violation. There are a number of ‘bots’ that generate billions of random phone numbers. In the event that one of these random numbers exists on our platform due to a mathematical match, the API [interfaz de programación de aplicaciones] The Clubhouse does not release user identifiable information”, claimed company.

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