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“INSABI has helped us, even those who are going to buy equipment for the new public hospitals in Culiacán and the children’s hospital or the health center, there is a very good relationship with them, it is even a global supply problem. From medicines, to restrictions due to the epidemic, it has hit everywhere, but I understand that they are already working on solving the problem,” he commented.

Therefore, it is more expensive to buy medicines from the private sector, he added.

During his visit to the General Hospital, he spoke with the relatives who admitted the patients and listened to their concerns, which he addressed to the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Victor Hugo Sánchez Malov and to the Director of the General Hospital, Héctor Carrón Tezcarino, who accompanied him on that tour.

Regarding the excesses and the lack of oxygen, Undersecretary Sanchez Malouf said this has already been seen with companies selling the product, extending their working hours and if it can be delivered at home.

He said that there are talks with the managers of these companies to reach agreements and avoid abuse by intermediaries.

“We are already working and talking with managers so that they increase their working hours, that they have this service at night, and if they can be delivered at home, especially to avoid abuse, but instead to provide facilities to people who need it is our responsibility to ensure that this gets through,” he noted. gas or oxygen to people who need it.

He predicted that before September it is expected that 70% of the population of Sinaloa will be immunized, which will significantly reduce infections with Covid-19.

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Epidemic paint tape

Municipal offices and Mazatlan City Council announced that as of yesterday, by official signal, face-to-face interviews with government officials have been suspended until further notice, due to the rebound in Covid-19 cases in the municipality.

In the statement presented in the WhatsApp groups of each agency, it was clarified that interviews by phone or video calls via Google Meet or Zoom would be given.

One of the messages stated: “Like the rest of the Municipal Council of Ministers, it is also open to participate in virtual interviews with municipal officials organized by the municipality’s Directorate of Social Communication, in the event that various media outlets so request.”

This arises after reporters covering City Hall’s source complained about the absence of government officials in their offices and refused to give interviews for more than a week, in important and key government areas such as the City Council Secretariat and the Treasury.

It will be necessary to know the reach of officials now with this provision and the new regulation, because if in normal times long waiting rooms were set up for an interview, on request which includes the topic to be discussed and when it is determined, it should have been in the presence of the social media personnel who recorded the conversation The entirety, now that they are physical or over the phone, the response time is estimated in kilometers.

With this new ruling, it is also very likely that the asymmetrical interviews that journalists gave to Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres will be suspended, and everything will likely be dealt with by handouts, without the reporter being able to ask questions and request information on topics of public interest and the means media.

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Everything seems to indicate that virtual interviews with public officials will be on the initiative of the Directorate of Social Communication, such as the first press conference held yesterday, Thursday with Treasurer Javier Alarcón Lizarraga, in video conference mode, with the exclusion of exclusivity.

The methodology is to run the interview that interests you from one day before to give an answer from the social communication manager and schedule it for the next day.

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