The Government of Guatemala to improve six thousand schools in the second phase

The Ministry itself confirmed in a statement that strengthening school infrastructure is just one of the multiple projects being developed by the Ministry of Education (Mineduc) to achieve the goal of transforming the sector.

The Head of State, Bernardo Arévalo, and the Chapter President, Anabella Geraca, visited the Aldea Naxumbal Rural Joint Public School, in the municipality of Tamahu, Alta Verapaz Province, the previous day, to check the results of the redesign carried out.

The president later stated this on his social media profile and added: “We are making sure that boys and girls have a decent place to learn, grow and dream.”

“In one year we will renew more than the previous government did in its entire administration,” the head of state stressed, stressing that “through decent schools and education for our children, Guatemala moves forward.”

In the Tamahu Arevalo Educational Foundation, a school renovation plan was launched, in which the Parents’ Organization and Mineduc participated with technical support.

Geraka previously admitted that they found 5,300 schools without water, more than 21,000 without drains, 8,587 without electricity, 19,000 without doors and windows, 12,000 with damaged walls, and 17,000 with leaks based on the condition of the roofs.

He stressed in statements to the local press, “What we have seen is the need, on many occasions, to evacuate entire schools because they do not meet the minimum security requirements.”

He pointed out that to face such a scenario, we are forming alliances with mayors who are convinced of the importance of saving the educational infrastructure.

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Just days after assuming power on January 14, the president highlighted the need to improve students’ training for the future and choose decent, high-quality schools.

He pointed out during the launch ceremony of the restoration project that the state is in debt with all its residents, because for a long time we have not invested in the same way to achieve development for all parties with fairness and justice.

The Ministry of Guatemala currently has 35,922 educational institutions under its command in the public system and serves approximately 3.2 million students.

On the other hand, official data indicate that there are about 900,000 in private schools, and about 200,000 in the cooperative sector.


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