“Bioethics is a science that should be freed from committees!”

Grandstand – A group of experts* laments that “biological ethics in France currently appears to be confined to institutions”.

The Bioethics Code Update is finally complete. However, exercise leaves us with a bitter aftertaste, as bioethicists and other ethics-related health and life sciences.

In France, bioethics is embodied mainly through ethics committees and “spaces for moral reflection”. This allowed professionals, gullible members, and other user representatives to take ownership. But the current trend is its focus on the production of reports and/or opinions and, indirectly, the laws and regulations that frame health practices and/or biomedical research. This institutional bioethics tends to boil down to the responses of the legislature and public bodies. However, despite its small size, there are many interdisciplinary research structures in the field of bioethics in our territory, which represent an impressive scientific output.

This is the state of bioethics in France

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Pushing the boundaries of science is freedom, too.

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