A BBC documentary revealing spying on Enrique and his girlfriends angered

Enrique and Megan are some of the protagonists of the documentary “Princes and the Press”. / EFE

Expose the media harassment that the prince was subjected to in his youth. “She was the new Diana,” says the detective who leaked the information after following her.

LOURDES GÓMEZ Reporter. London

“Enrique became the new Diana, two editors-in-chief explained to me.” The confession from Gavin Burrows, the private investigator who charged at least €170 for every drop of information about Carlos and Diana’s children, their girlfriends and friends that he gave to British newspapers. He released it in part in the BBC’s documentary Princes and the Press, which has infuriated the “three” royal houses – the home of Elizabeth II and her two direct heirs – since his first film aired this week. two chapters.

Burroughs has turned his back on shady scoops in the wake of the wiretapping scandal, which caused the shutdown of the 2011 News of the World (NoW), once one of the UK’s most popular Sundays. Now he is testifying against his former employers — Rupert Murdoch, the editors of the Daily Mirror, among others — in successive lawsuits of celebrities who were in his sight.

And most of the celebrities who were spied on settled their dispute in an out-of-court financial settlement, at an estimated cost of 500 million pounds to both media groups.

“He showed Chelsea with his friends when he was with him,” the “Hound” admitted about Enrique’s South African girlfriend

Enrique also filed a complaint and is currently reluctant to sign a peace agreement with the popular press. In 2019, he sued the Murdoch group – including tabloids Now and The Sun – and The Mirror for misusing private information.

These are the sensational “excerpts” that the editors obtained from Burroughs and other investigators about the two princes’ moves, courtships, activities, and quarrels. The cases continue on their slow procedural course and, with the exception of an unexpected settlement and millionaire compensation, could culminate in two separate public trials. It would be a huge surprise to Windsor if the Duke of Sussex were to testify before the judges at the Palace of Justice.

“I was basically part of a group of people who stole a normal teenage from him,” Burroughs admitted of his now-teammate in the fight against the tabloids. The detective publicly apologized for the harassment of the young son of the missing Lady Di, who for seasons was more well known in the media than his brother Guillermo. Surveillance intrusively intensified after the arrival of South African Chelsea Davey into Enrique’s domain in 2004. “There was a lot of ‘hacking’ on voice mail boxes, monitoring their phones and communications. Chelsea would brag to his friends every time he was with him,” he smiled to BBC.

The second part of the ‘Princes and the Press’ programme, scheduled for Monday, covers four years, between 2018 and 2021, of turmoil and palace intrigue, including separation from the royal house and a move to California in Sussex. It also deals with the legal battles of the couple. Meghan Markle may have to defend herself in court in an appeal of a privacy lawsuit over the letter she wrote to her father and ended up in the pages of ‘Mail on Sunday’.

Meanwhile, the Duke is bringing his case against tabloids and collaborating on protest projects and denouncing “fake news” in digital media. Detective Burrows recently tweeted: “I will continue to help Harry and Meghan in their fight against the criminal press.” The documentary, which also addresses the gap between the two brothers after Megan enters the scene, catches the eye of the English.

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