Motivational travel and meetings will leave their territories in 2022

The exhibitions, conferences and exhibitions sector has begun to revitalize this year, albeit at a slower pace than leisure, and the volume of flights is expected to rise in 2022 and increase spending by 38% thanks to pent-up demand, according to forecasts Global Business Travel Association (GBTA). A survey conducted by the World Wide Web DMC Global Partners, shows that incentive travel planners have already started looking for meetings and events outside their regions and that Spain is among the four international destinations for 2022 from the United States.

the last Global Destination Index de 2021Conducted based on analysis of planners’ responses and a review of nearly 1,600 RFPs for meetings and incentives at more than 500 destinations represented by Global DMC Partners, it shows the most popular destinations in the United States this year and in Europe and regions of interest by 2022.

This year California, Florida, Texas, Massachusetts (Boston) and Colorado, in that order, were the main US destinations, and next year the top three remained, Hawaii showing up in fourth and Nevada (Las Vegas) in fifth. As for international destinations this year, they are Mexico, the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany, and the fifth place is shared by Italy, Denmark and France.

“While it is important for us to review this data every year, this year it is especially critical. Our partners and customers around the world They are coming out of very tough times and want to know which markets are not only safe but also ready for the collection They can make informed decisions about future planning,” President and CEO of Global DMC Partners said, Catherine Chollet.

Survey data shows that in 2021, planners in Europe remained regional for their programs, and the same was true for clients in the United States who hold meetings within the country or in Mexico and the Caribbean.

However, Catherine Chollet explains, looking at the regions of interest for 2022, “it’s clear that planners are already starting to look for meetings and events outside of their regions. This is a great sign that business is starting to recover and the world is becoming more accessible again.”

For customers based in the US, all regions outside the country are gaining popularity by 2022, particularly with Europe and Mexico taking the lead. Specifically, topping the top five that Mexico, followed by Italy, France, Spain and the Bahamass.

The same pattern is observed for European customers, such as All regions outside Europe are seeing an increase in popularity, led by the United States and Canada, followed by the Middle East and Mexico.

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