BUAP High School student Benito Juárez won a bronze medal at the 31st National Chemistry Olympiad

Yoshimarth Maldonado Flores wins this medal for the second year in a row at this event organized by the Mexican Academy of Sciences

Yoshimarth Maldonado Flores won a bronze medal at the 31st National Chemistry Olympiad, the most important academic event in this discipline in the country. A class 5 student at BUAP’s Benito Juárez García Secondary School demonstrated the knowledge and skills needed to stand out among more than 180 participants from all over the country.

In June 2021 he was awarded the gold medal at the 31st State Olympiad in Chemistry (Puebla), ranking the aforementioned national competition organized by the Mexican Academy of Sciences. From that moment on, he was prepared by the tutoring of the academic of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences Louis Angel Aguilar.

“Every effort has great reward when desire is forced over obstacles; he has benefited from everything that the university has to offer,” says Ana Yadira Ramirez Gaona, a professor at Benito Juárez High School, who has trained Yoshimarth in the theory and practice of chemical sciences since he began his education in high school. for him”.

Similarly, in 2020, Yoshimarth Maldonado won a gold medal at the XXX State Chemistry Olympiad and bronze at the XXX National Chemistry Olympiad. Thus, in his short academic career, the junior high school collected four medals in this field of knowledge: two gold and two bronze.

Originally from Sierra de Guerrero, he thanks his teachers, family, and colleagues for the support they have received in achieving this national recognition and assures that his path in chemistry is just beginning, as he has plans to continue preparing to reach new goals.

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“It was a wonderful experience, the confinement due to the epidemic did not take away my desire, and although it was difficult to prepare without neglecting my other studies, I was able to obtain this medal, thanks to the solidarity of my colleagues and teachers. Thank you to my advisor and colleagues in the Puebla delegation. The win motivates me to continue preparing myself More every day.”

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