5 films that speak frankly about the current problem

Mental health problems It has recently gained great importance in society. Until very recently, they did not occupy the media and even in the most intimate circles It was a taboo subjectOn the other hand, cinema has developed many characters who suffer from some kind of disorder associated with this field. For this reason and on the occasion World Mental Health DayHere are some of the best movies that highlight some of the problems we pay more attention to today:

1- “A wonderful mind”

A Beautiful Mind (DreamWorks SKG)

It was released more than 20 years ago, great mind It is one of those reference movies when it comes to mental health. It is based on the real case of mathematician John Forbes Nash, who played it brilliantly Russell Crowe. This genius is a Nobel Prize winner in economics Paranoia manifested itself in the fifties, specifying, for example, that these men who wore red ties were part of a group of communists who conspired against him. At the 2002 Academy Awards, it won Best Picture, Director Ron Howard, Adapted Screenplay and Dialogue. Best Supporting Actress thanks to Jennifer Connelly.

Where can it be seen?: Amazon Prime Video

2 – “to the bone”

Arrived on Netflix in 2017, preview on Sundance Film Festival in the official section for feature films in competition. To the Bones tells the story of a young anorexic woman played by Lily Collins who embarks on an unconventional therapy where she will develop strong bonds with other co-workers who also have eating disorders.

Where can it be seen?: Netflix

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3 – Violet and birds

Violet and finch It’s another perfect title on Netflix to understand problems derived from mental health. They manage as best they can the loss and their scars from the past, together they realize how powerful not being isolated is and they always have someone to take care of them. Just be there and listen.

Where can it be seen?: Netflix

4 – “crazy about it”

The national cinema also has the perfect movie to watch on World Mental Health Day. crazy about her starring Álvaro Cervantes and Susanna Apetua. Cervantes plays Adri, a boy who meets Carla (Apetua) one night and spends the best hours of his life. After falling madly in love. after, after, He discovers that she has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Adri will go to the center to prepare a report for her magazine, and by the way, she will spend more time with Carla.

Where can it be seen?: Netflix

5- The black swan

Darren Aranofsky’s film depicts Nina’s transformation towards perfect black swan. Being a part of one of the world’s most famous ballet companies, everything begins to take a dark turn when the protagonist begins to experience DID.

Where can it be seen?: Disney +

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