A new increase in Covid-19 cases is causing concern in Chile – Prensa Latina

The daily report of the Ministry of Health on the state of illness, corresponding to Wednesday until 9:00 pm local time, Thursday, recorded 7,680 new infections, the highest number since April 30, and again above the seven thousand barrier.

Also, 172 deaths from Covid-19 were recorded by the Civil Registry, according to data provided by the Department of Statistics and Health Information.

This brings the total number of deaths in the country since the beginning of the epidemic to 28169, and the number of infected people one million and 308 thousand 311.

The minister pointed out that at the national level, new cases increased by 11 percent in the past seven days, in contrast to a decrease of one percent when counting the results of the past two weeks.

“This worries us a lot, and we want to convey this fear to the whole society, because it is necessary to reverse this situation and take care of ourselves a lot more,” the senior official said.

The official report presented on Thursday also indicates that the number of active patients increased from 34,192 last week to 37,901 today.

Meanwhile, laboratories reported 68,721 PCR test results, which showed national positivity in the last 24 hours of 10.02 percent (8.99 seven days ago), and 12 percent in the metropolitan area, which last week included 10.

Referring to the region this capital is located in, the minister warned that its situation is also worrying, with injuries increasing by 15 percent in the last seven days.

He called on residents to “maintain a fair balance between legitimate and required freedoms and our responsibilities that oblige us to take care of ourselves and others.”

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In addition, he cautioned that although the number of patients admitted to intensive care units as a result of the vaccination plan has decreased, those under the age of 39 have critical health conditions, so they should take better care of themselves.

An important part of the country is still subject to prolonged quarantine and the borders are closed, but in recent weeks many municipalities have moved towards the opening stages, and many fear that the continuous increase in cases means a new return to severe confinement.

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