2021 Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of temperature and touch receptors – Juventud Rebelde

The Nobel Committee awarded the 2021 Physiology or Medicine Prize to David Julius and Erdem Patbutian, for a series of findings essential to understanding how we perceive the world.

For years, David Julius and Erdem Patbutian have delved into this somatosensory system. And they did this by discovering three different receivers: TRPV1, TRPM8 and Piezo channels.

The announcement came after the conclusion of the Nobel Assembly meeting at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden.

Due to the security measures of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was done entirely online, with only a few journalists, who had a very small capacity, with pre-accreditation.

This year, the announcement of this award was particularly anticipated, as many people considered the parents of messenger RNA vaccines to be worthy of it.

This does not mean that Catalin Cariko and Drew Wiseman will no longer win the Nobel Prize for their outstanding work in this pandemic. The prize may go to them later. After all, the 2021 Nobel Prize in Medicine winners sided with him in research that wasn’t done last year. It is common with these trophies.

Founded in 1901 in honor of the Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel (1833-1896), the discoverer of dynamite, they distinguish characters from the exact sciences, physiology and medicine, as well as in literature, politics, economics, psychology and sociology.

The first Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded in 1901 to German Emil Adolf von Behring for his work on serum therapy, especially its application against diphtheria, a study that opened a new path in the field of medical science.

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