The trailer for Doula Continent is a snapshot version of Final Fantasy XIV

Continent of Doula: Soul Master Duel (left) Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers (right)

Continent Doula: Soul Master Duel (Left) Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers (Right)
picture: Continent of Doula / Square Enix

In general, in the world of cinema and video games, it is not frowned upon that “borrowed” ideas are taken from other works. But of course, one thing is that you take it image or sequence as a tribute This is completely different from all of your productions To be a stark version of another version, How do may have happened to him New game trailer Continent Doula: Soul Master Duel.

As noted by a video game expert Daniel Ahmed | alert Infinity of players in IThe Internet, it seems that the trailer for the new game MMO Continent Doula: Soul Master Duel It has many similarities with the other famous trailer Final Fantasy XIV. If you don’t believe me, better than see both Simultaneously in the following video:

Animation type, camera shots, attacks, movements… all shown in trailer continent countries It looks almost identical to Launched by Square Enix a little over two years ago to promote its expansion Shade sails.

It is not yet known whether Square Enix has taken legal action against the creators of the software doula continent, But what seems certain is that there are many unimaginable similarities Simple coincidence.

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