The UK’s shortage of cartoons by Alfredo Boto Hervas

United kingdom It continues to have supply problems due to Brexit. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted that the UK’s shortage problems could continue until Christmas, but reiterated that he would not resort to “uncontrolled immigration” to solve them.

This Monday, about two hundred army From the British army, half of them are drivers, they began to transport fuel to gas stations in the UK. The soldiers, who have been on alert since last week, will focus first on the hardest-hit areas of London and southern England, in the so-called Escalin operation, which was originally designed to deal with potential shortages after leaving the country. European Union (EU) on January 31, 2020, a government spokesperson said.

The lack of labor that previously came from other countries of the European Union as well It causes concern for livestock keepersWhich may have to slaughter tens of thousands of animals due to the shortage of slaughterhouse workers.

first Minister He insisted that the specific problem for gas stations was due to increased demand due to the “connection effect”. Causing fuel shortages among drivers, he noted that the shortage of truck drivers affects other countries such as the United States, China or Poland.

This week’s vignette

“There is no such thing as Brexit to go back to our old and wonderful traditions,” he already reflects Alfredo Botto’s supply problems in the UK.

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