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The WhatsApp Start the job you want today if you’re using the Application stickers. These pictures have been in the app for a while and allow you to express yourself in a more fun way. The application itself Packages offersBut the fun is making friends or borrowing friends. Today we have very good news for you, because you can start using Animated WhatsApp stickers And you created it yourself. Yes, yes, you will be able to create Animated stickers And import it to the messaging app.

Create your own animated stickers for WhatsApp

Animated stickers are not new and have been shown in the app for a while. The bad news is that until now, you had to use the application packages themselves and there was no longer a way to import. From today things change: You can now import your own animated stickers.

If you use this type of content on The WhatsApp You’ll know that there are dozens of apps that allow you, from a photo, to Create your own posters. After creating these apps, it is easy for you to import them into WhatsApp to use in your conversations. This method now also includes the ability to Create animated stickers.

Sticker Maker is your best ally for creating stickers for WhatsApp

The default app for creation Stickers for WhatsApp es Sticker Maker. Now it also allows you to create this content in animated format from gifs or videos in your gallery. The process is very simple and from now on WhatsApp will also allow you to import this kind of sticker for you to use.

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Descargar Sticker Maker | Google apps

Today comes March 24th an update that allows this support for Android and IOS, So it takes hours before you can implement your own project Animated stickers for WhatsApp. For poster lovers, this is one of the best news, because now they can have their own most interesting creations.

Of course, this also opens the door to Import animated stickers to your WhatsApp From other users you find funny. Soon there will be apps with packages and packages of these funny and animated stickers that you can install on your mobile phone to use in your conversations about The WhatsApp.

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