Xiaomi Mi Note 11: the first interesting details leaked

According to a report from China Xiaomi Mi CC11 and Mi CC11 Pro It will be presented very soon. These devices probably don’t ring a bell, as they are models marketed only in China. The good news is that Xiaomi is changing the name and bringing them to the West under the name Xiaomi Mi Note. Xiaomi Mi CC10 was Xiaomi Mi Note 10, so in 2021 we will see that Xiaomi Mi CC11 became Xiaomi Mi Note 11.

This will be the Xiaomi Mi Note 11 and Mi Note 11 Pro

Xiaomi Mi Note 10

What we know about Xiaomi Mi CC11 and Mi CC11 Pro is that they are two devices with Mid-range and high-end devices are very interesting. After its launch in China, we will see that Xiaomi changes the name and presents it in the West with the name Xiaomi Mi Note 11 and Mi Note 11 ProAs Mi Note 10 and Mi Note 10 Pro we already know some of its most important features!

According to the leaks Xiaomi Mi Note 11 My CC11 will arrive with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G or 780G. Both are very powerful mid-range chipsets capable of running any game or application. It won’t perform as well as a high-end one, but it won’t be too much to envy.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 camera

to Mi Note 11 We also know that he will wear OLED panel 90HzIt has a 64MP main camera and a zoom sensor. The rest of the details, for now, are unknown. Of course, the design is another important detail that you are not aware of at the moment. It is expected to come with a renewed design, as it is not part of any other current device.

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in case if Xiaomi Mi Note 11 Pro The performance will increase with the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 870. This is a high-end chip sandwiched between Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 888. You are The refresh rate is expected to increase from the 1990s to 120 Hz.

There will also be differences in the camera department, where everything indicates that the main sensor will be one inch And that the telephoto lens will have a magnification without loss 5x zoom. For now we can only wait, as leaks suggest that these smartphones will be presented in August this year.

Of course, he reached the west Note Xiaomi Mi 11 y Xiaomi Mi Note 11 Pro It will be a little later.

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