UCR launched Martín Tetaz at number two on Maria Eugenia Vidal’s list | The liberal right has a rival in the CABA

To compete in the vote with the liberal, economic right Martin Titaz it will be 2nd on the CABA Together for Change list headed by Maria Eugenia Vidal. This was manifested in his candidacy for candidacy, where he asked:The political class that wants to question private property“He spoke of a country of ‘shattered dreams’ where young people emigrate in droves and there is no place for merit. ‘We collect 100,000 dead’,” he said, accompanied by Senator Martin Lusto, the economist launched: Argentina must stop being the land of plans And it became a land of opportunity.” Javier Meli has someone to rival him.

UCR was betting on trampling in this election, to reverse the place of the junior partner the PRO had appointed in the past. Since the offer to Tetaz was confirmed at number two in the list of Buenos Aires representatives behind Vidal, a double play has been made clear. First, get your own candidate with great media knowledge. Second, contain voters who in the absence of Patricia Bullrich on the list could migrate to the Millie ballot (another strategy in this direction is to add Ricardo López Murphy to an intern). “I love Patricia Bullerich. She says what many of us want to say. And I love Vidal, because his eggs are laid well.” (sic), Titaz said in his promo.

The economist appeared in a glamorous show with the UBA School of Economics in the background surrounded by Lousteau and the President of the University of Buenos Aires, Mariela Coletta. “Today is a great day for radicalism. We are approaching a new leader for the province of Buenos Aires, as it is Facundo Manes. Today we are proud to present the inclusion Martin Titaz In Together for Change. You will be part of a very diverse list.”

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Lusto made a comparison with the national football team: “We had a few days of good news. At the weekend, we scored a victory for Argentina in the Copa America. A team team victory is an understanding that there is a commitment to a common goal style. We saw that in the launch of the first candidate program “Together for a change,” he said, while praising the “individual greatness we’ve seen from Patricia Bullrich,” we all unite.

“Within this framework, today we launch Martín Tetaz at number two on the list. He comes into politics to give a new atmosphere. Martín perfectly combines rigor and knowledge of how to communicate,” he said of former columnist Jorge Lanata, who himself Tomorrow said goodbye to his fans.

For his part, Titaz said his decision is part of the USSR’s idea of ​​becoming the dominant party in Together for Change. “Several extremist friends have told me: ‘Now, the party is standing up,'” he said. He noted that he began to struggle in the violet sector at the age of twelve.

It was soon seen why his rhetoric contradicted that of the new rights. “In Argentina, it is no longer enough for the state to keep half of what you earn. Now they are debating what you can do with what you have already earned,” he complained. He demanded the abolition of all taxes on production, except for profits.

“There is a rift among the people who work and risk their capital. We have to put ourselves on this side or they will take us. They want to discuss private property, the legalization of powers, and the reinstatement of the 1949 constitution. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .‘, he was annoyed, while choosing Maximo Kirchner as his target: ‘The son of the former president, with this title and without any professional career, puts points on the President of the Republic.’ I have come to tell you things like them. And I came to meet the Kiselov project in 2023.”

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When asked about his view of Mauricio Macri’s government, which he supported from the media in which he works, he replied: “You have all heard me during Macri’s government praising what I thought was good and criticizing what seemed wrong to me.” In fact, Tetaz left Twitter in 2018, when Macri’s defense was tough. But during Macri’s years he defended UVA credits, making forecasts on the dollar and inflation forecasts that missed 30 points.

None of this frightened him at its launch as he left some economic proposals:

* “There can be no more inflation in Argentina, because corruption is the victor. The first person interested in inflation is a corrupt guild Who wants to empower themselves.

* “There can be no taxes on production in Argentina. Let’s discuss income tax, but Let’s get rid of the rest of the taxes“.

* “It is enough to load people with plans. We should celebrate every time we cancel a plan and turn it into a business.”

Before that, he announced his candidacy via his Twitter account (to which he has long since returned):

“At a time when the economy is collapsing, many schools remain closed and we collect 100,000 dead due to one of the world’s worst pandemic efforts, they don’t care and go to everything in 2023. Enough,” his introductory message was. “It is time to put an end to the aspirations of the political class that despises work, study and investment, and wants to put private property under discussion.ensuring their impunity and reinforcing the populist model in which merit has no place.”

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He painted an image of Argentina in peril:Thousands of friends and people I don’t know write to me telling me stories of children who want to leave, their heritage and shattered dreams.Of dashed hopes and missed opportunities. Either we leave and give them the country, or we meet and fight to the end.”

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