Why should private school doctors perform social work?

  • Social service emerged as a form of gratitude that every college student gives to society.
  • While in most professions it lasts an average of six months, in the case of medicine it lasts an entire year.
  • Although in the public sector it is justified because schools depend on government contributions, in the private sphere there is no explanation for its existence.

The path that all health professionals must face is very broad. In addition, there are processes that cannot be avoided and one of the most important is that all Aspiring physicians must complete one year of social service. If they do not meet this requirement, they will not be able to obtain a college degree and all previous efforts have been wasted.

In fact, it is a topic that has been under discussion in recent days. Indeed, some of the demonstrations that took place to demand the abolition of this stage, considering that it offers more negative aspects than benefits.

Social work in medicine

What is most criticized is that Young people are used as cannon fodder to do the work that medical professionals must do. In this way, the federal government saves millions of dollars in funds each year.

in the first place, Every year thousands of young people are sent to rural areas where they are often forgotten by the authorities. These are health centers in remote places that lack basic supplies. As a result, a proper service cannot be provided and patients are irritated.

But now a new controversy has arisen as a result of the video in which the doctor questions the reason for the appearance of Private school physicians must perform their social service. According to them, this is an unfair act because each person paid from his own income for his education.

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What is social service?

according to Secretary of Public Education (SEP) is a set of temporary and mandatory activities offered by students and apprentices in technical and professional occupations, where they will apply the scientific, technical and humanistic knowledge gained in their training.

Social work will focus on the areas and modalities of professional life from which the service provider comes, according to his or her academic profile, or towards those that are prioritized for the needs of society.

In addition, this service is a contribution that each university student makes to the community. It is a form of gratitude for everything each person has received in return, such as an economic education. Ultimately, all public schools depend on the government because it is responsible for their financing.

In this sense, it can be understood that public sector students must comply with this obligation. While the debate is why Aspiring doctors from private universities should do social service.

On this topic, the doctor is with the user Tweet embed It is quite clear that it is absurd for students in the private sector to comply with this obligation. In their case, they do not owe anything to anyone and have paid for their education with their own efforts and the efforts of their families. He also makes it clear that it is not a punishment for society but a means of obtaining cheap labor so that people in rural areas are not left unattended.

And in your case, do you think it is fair for private school doctors to do social service?

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