The science that connects LeBron James to the message of perseverance

American author Nick Green is about to publish How to watch basketball like a prof genius, A book in which professionals of all stripes, from ballet choreographers to planetary scientists, present articles on how they understand basketball from their fields of study.

To promote it, the gate inverse Posted excerpts from the article which Planetary Geologist Emily Lakdawala It compares to basketball, especially the passes and passes of Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

“I think interplanetary travel is a lot like scrolling in basketball,” says the science celebrity as well. Their comparison, Greene deepens, connects the concepts of stargazing with LeBron James to pass the ball without looking into the future with calculations made by scientists for landing a craft on the surface of a planet hundreds of millions of kilometers away.

The geologist explains: “When you design a path, you calculate the velocity, motion, and path that the Earth has as a starting point.” “When we send a mission to Mars, we think of a place where it has not been yet, but where it will be when the spacecraft gets there. The same thing happens with critical passes in basketball, it is about sending the ball where the player will be, I think it’s an analogy. Perfect, “he said.

Basketball player LeBron James is known for helping his teammates without looking at them. Some sports broadcasters say this remarkable ability comes from invisible eyes surrounding his face and lending him a kind of ubiquitous gaze. In space exploration, these multiple eyes are the sciences that make it possible to transport things to other worlds, such as the mission of perseverance to Mars.

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The scientist points to another similarity that requires extreme precision: completing a pass and achieving a successful landing. In both cases two attractive forces play, without which one goal or the other would be the completion of one goal or the other. In the case of basketball, this attraction comes from the hands of basketball players; In space exploration, it is exerted by the gravitational force of each planet. “The timing of one or the other must be perfect, and if it fails, then that is,” Lakdawala concludes.

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