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There is no doubt about that power It is one of the most important sporting events in the United States. However, before its debut, millions of fans NFL They ask themselves the question: Who will sing the anthem? Since it is one of the most important events in the North American country, the organization has always been responsible for hiring great artists to perform.The star-spangled banner', so we will tell you all the details in the following note.

Although Usher will be the main protagonist of the show, another great artist will sing the North American country's anthem. That would be none other than Reba McEntire, the popular singer and Country Music Hall of Fame member, who has an impressive career worthy of more than 50 awards..

In this way, McEntire will be present and delight thousands of attendees and viewers in the 2024 edition. Let us remember that artists of the stature of Demi Lovato, Pink, and Alicia Keys, among others, have sung the lyrics of “The star-spangled banner'At the sporting event NFL.

Be warned, the sports show organization has also confirmed that Post Malone will be in charge of the traditional singing America the BeautifulIt is one of the patriotic songs that is sung before the national anthem. This protocol has been part of the event since 2009, taking into account Ha., Jane Aiko And babyface Like the last three artists to perform before the grand finale.

When and where will Super Bowl 2024 be played?

Next edition of power will be implemented Sunday, February 11, 2024. Year after year, the host venues for the NFL Finals change, and in this edition it has been decided that it will be held in… Allegiant Stadium, home of the Las Vegas Raiders, is located in Paradise, Nevada.

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This is the first time Allegiant Stadium has hosted an NFL title game. Although the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles were the heavy favorites at the start of the season, they are joined by the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. We will see what happens in the upcoming duels.

What will Usher's Super Bowl halftime show be like?

In an interview with Vogue, the singer gave a preview of his upcoming performance at the Super Bowl halftime show in Las Vegas. Usher's show promises to be a great show, without any age restrictions, and will feature unique special moments. “I want those who have been on this journey to feel that it is a celebration of all of us, from the beginning to this moment.”The artist added.

The composer and music producer revealed more details about his Super Bowl finale performance, noting that his performance will be a tribute to the R&B genre. “The night was specially chosen in my mind for R&B to take center stage… not just R&B, but R&B performance, R&B connection, R&B soul.”Usher said. He also added that singer Post Malone will be responsible for the famous song “America the Beautiful.”

Although it has not been confirmed which musical songs the artist will perform yet, it is reasonable to expect that at least 5 songs will be included in the presentation:

  • “Yes.”
  • “Someone you love”
  • “DJ made us fall in love”
  • “I misunderstood”
  • “Oh, my God”

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