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This Saturday, 24 specialists graduated from the Faculty of Medicine after completing the mandatory Final Practice Assessment (PFO).

This is a new Saturday Mandatory final practice assessment (PFO) In the municipal hospital facilities, “Dr. Hector Cora and the laboratories of the College of Health Sciences.

At this opportunity There were 24 men and women responsible for becoming new professionals in the medical profession. From the College of Health Sciences From the National University of Buenos Aires Provincial Center.

New pros: Aguero Lourdes, Guzman, Abril Nayara, Baudrez Francisco, Bonifacio Micaela, Ondicola Agustina, Campo Milani, Cabandigui Giulietta, Setiati Horacio, Lafuente Luz Belen, Curcio Luj Antonella, Gonzalez Anahi, Di Martino Camilla, Pavione Palma, Niliam Agnelli, Silva. Lucrezia, Fernandez Diana Rocio, Giangreco Sebastian Danilo, Gil Augustin, Manuela Golotelec, Camilla Gomez Merlos, Perina Dal Pogetto, Guindo Pilar Maria, Jennifer Ayala, Matías Het and Victoria April Herrera.

It was the students They are evaluated by health professionals Through the OSCE system (Objective Structured Clinical Examination). The OSCE is designed to carry out an evaluation of the clinical examination, in an objective and structured way, focusing on a very important axis, which is the fact of assessing the professional competencies of future doctors.

In this type of examination, theoretical concepts, skills, clinical abilities and attitudes towards the clinical condition or problem are assessed in an integrated manner. ECOE has two written representatives present for each station and clinic.

On this occasion, and due to the large number of registered participants, two scenarios were chosen: the Municipal Hospital and the College of Health Sciences. Next Saturday, 25 students will take the ECOE test.

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