Germany defeats the United States and faces Serbia for the title

Germany achieved what seemed impossible: leaving the United States without a final, for the second year in a row, by winning the semi-finals 113-111.

Manila._ The surprise came. Germany Defeated United State You will fight for the gold in Basketball World Cup 2023 After I imposed it 113 to 111 In the semi-finals of the tournament.

Impeccable work by the Germans, that of Daniel Theis and Dennis Schröder, was enough to overcome Team USA And remove them from the struggle for championship.

United State He did not enter the match with the necessary intensity or focus, which the Germans took advantage of to control him. Just like what happened against Lithuania. Germany He controlled the offensive rebound and produced second chances until he opened the gap. This was so important that the final score after the bounce was 25 to 8 in favor of the Europeans.

he Team USA He reacted with 5 minutes left thanks to Austin Reeves and Anthony Edwards, but his outburst left a lot to be desired. Great deeds followed by mistakes that could have been avoided due to the desire to move too quickly doomed the Americans to defeat. On the other hand, A. said: Germany Led by Dennis Schröder, a key player in the last round of the trend, it achieved the country's most important victory since the success in the 1993 Eurobasket tournament.

However, if we had to highlight one character in the overall match, it is Andreas Obst. The Bayern Munich player scored 24 points from 6 of 11 field goals, as he was accurate and effective from three-point range to save his team in the worst moments. Alongside him are the great Franz Wagner, with 22 goals, and the aforementioned Theis, with 21 goals.

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now Germany Looking at Serbia In front of them will be Svetislav Pesic, who led them to the top in 1993 and is now the only obstacle standing between them and glory.

Another semi-final

Serbia 95-86 Canada

(With information from the NBA)

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