A catastrophic explosion in 2024. What is it, when and where will this astronomical phenomenon be?

Recently he has become a well-known physicist and has become very popular Tik Tokannounced that in the coming weeks the inhabitants of Earth will witness a

devastating explosion in 2024,

Which raised uncertainty and questions from his followers.

This was done through a video he posted on his account Tik Tokthe user is identified as @mike_phy He pointed out that the astronomical event that will occur in the coming days will only happen onceAt the age of 80, That's why it's full of weird facts about outer space.

And also the The National Center for Aeronautics and Space Administration (

a pot

For its abbreviation in English), I announced that this event would happen sooner than previously thought, which is why below dna40We will tell you everything that was said about the so-called explosion Disastrous in 2024.

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What is a catastrophic explosion?

As indicated by the user Tik Tok Mentioned above, a cataclysmic explosion is generated by the explosion of a dwarf star in constant contact with Red giant star

He pointed out that in the current state, it is located about three thousand light-years from Earth

a star

A white dwarf and a red giant may soon generate a thermonuclear explosion.It is not disciplined“L hydrogen.

For its part, NASA indicates that this will happen because… White dwarf star Materials are extracted from the red giant, which, due to their accumulation on its surface, can generate greater exploitation Small of these.

As for the date on which this event could occur,
a pot

Other experts point out that the exact moment when this might happen is not known, but they revealed that Explodes Disastrous in 2024 It will happen between March and September.

It is worth noting that the world world He points out that this astronomical phenomenon does not represent any danger to humanity, but they call on those interested in seeing this event to observe Explodes Disastrous in 2024 With the use of binoculars or a telescope to improve the scientific experiment.

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