Who is Marco del Toro, attorney for the Vicente Fernandez and Elba Esther families? – Finance

The Vicente Fernandez family hired Criminal attorney Marco Antonio del Toro Karazu To represent the interests of the late singer before Series premiere produced by Televisa and Univision The last king: the son of the peoplechampionship Paul Monterowhich is based on Unauthorized biography From “Charro de Huentitán” written by journalist Olga and ladybugsWhere the talk is about dark episodes in his career.

Maria del Refugio AbarcaTranslator’s widow divine womanconfirming through a statement that A TV station that seeks to profit from a registered trademark and image of the singer After in his life he refused his proposal to recreate his series, something which did not happen with Caracol and Netflix, with whom he worked alongside.

“Neither my children nor I want a penny from Televisa, it is clear to them. It is a matter of dignity. Don’t come to me with your story as an homage with all due respect to Vicente. It’s for money, steal your picture. Vicente has registered his trademarks and artistic name and his image is protected by law. “He did everything correctly and in accordance with Mexican law,” Donna Coquita said in a statement.

Argentina provided one of the answers, Author of the book that Televisa bought the rights to. “I admit it I was amazed by the presence of a famous criminal lawyer and defender of controversial political figures. Ever wondered what he’s doing here? By winning another case, in your long career, would you possibly intend to restrict freedom of speech? Olga and Ranat said through their social networks.

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Who is Marco del Toro Carrazo?

With a successful career, he studied criminal lawyer in comprehensive university From Mexico City and then make it Postgraduate In the same institution, but on the Guadalajara campus, we specialize in Amparo and constitutional law.

Beside Defend politicians and celebrities in MexicoHis career includes some important positions such as in Mexican Bar Association or Bar Associationwhere he took part in directing.

Who defended Marco del Toro Carazo?

The defender was responsible for Scandalous cases involving the political elite. Previously del Toro Carazo had already worked with one of Fernandes and it was specifically with Alejandro, well “Potrilo” had a legal dispute with Sony Music.

Elba Esther Gordillo

Mailxleader from the National Federation of Education Workers (SNTE) left FREE SHIPPING by the First Unified Criminal Court. was chubby arrested in 2013 accusations like Money laundering, organized crime, and operations that use resources of illicit origin.

Javier Duarte and Karim Macias

Although the company took over the case of former Veracruz Governor Javier Duarte de Ochoa, In 2018, they stopped acting Arguing for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with the customer part of professional secrecy. Duarte was arrested on charges of organized crime and money laundering. On his part, his wife Karim Macias also received his services and was able to deliver it from the United Kingdom.

Vincent Fox

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox was specifically one of the criminal attorney’s clients Against the former governor of Sinaloa, Antonio Toledo Coro, for defamation.

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Napoleon Gomez Urrutia

The Mining Guild LeaderNapoleon Gomez Urrutia, Take Legal Advice to Avoid Going to Jail Yet Grupo México’s trust and debt to its employees.

Mexican oil

The The extradition process for the former director of Pemex, Rogelio Montmayorwas under the purview of the specialist in what became publicly known as “Pemexgate”.

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