Bentley sets record financial performance in 2021 on

Bentley Motors today announced the luxury brand’s 2021 financial results, to complement the company’s record sales performance over the same 12-month period. Operating profit was 389 million euros, an increase of 369 million euros over 2020.

Sales last year were €2,845 million, while the higher level of customization and model mix dominated by the Speed, Mulliner and Hybrid models resulted in an eight percent increase in average revenue per luxury car compared to 2020. This contributed to Impressive sales performance. 13.7%.

Bentley has already announced that it delivered 14,659 extraordinary cars in 2021, a 31 percent increase over the previous record year for 2020. In addition, there was a steady increase in customer interest in new models, which led to a record order bank at the start of the year. 2022.

These numbers are also proof of customer appreciation for the latest model range in the luxury segment and Bentley’s innovative strategy, Beyond100, to be completely carbon-neutral by 2030. The initiative was backed by a ten-year investment program at the Crewe plant, amounting to €3,000 million representing the largest transformation and investment program in the world. Bentley history. The company plans to build a new electric model every year for five years from 2025, when the entire model range will be electric.

Commenting on the numbers, Adrian Hallmark, Chairman and CEO of Bentley Motors, said:
These results were achieved against the background of continuing economic instability. It represents a remarkable achievement for all those involved in Bentley Motors as we move forward with the Beyond100 program to reinvent our entire product portfolio in building carbon neutrality by 2030.”

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Jan-Henrik Lavrentz, Member of the Board of Directors of Bentley Motors Finance and Information Technology, added:
Brand strength was a key factor in Bentley’s financial performance in 2021, as new models such as the Bentayga Hybrid helped drive profits to a record €389 million. The growing demand for our hybrid models, backed by a sustainable investment of €3 billion in the Crewe plant, will ensure our continued leadership in sustainable luxury transportation.”

Performance of the last ten years:



Invoices (€)

Exploitation (€)



2,845 million

389 million



2049 million

20 million



2,092 million

65 million



1,548 million

288 million



1,843 million

55 million



2,031.1 million

112.1 million



1.935.9 million

110.4 million



1.746.4 million

170 million *



1,678.7 million

167.7 million



1,453.2 million

100.5 million

* The result of running the previous record.

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