Elton John is a fan of BTS and reflects the feelings of the entire army

In each release, BTS added new fans to their roster and important celebrities couldn’t resist the beat of Permission To Dance, one of them being Sir Elton John. Check out what he had to say about the boy band’s latest song.

In the era of “butter”, the legendary band QUEEN recognized the good musical work BTS, the song included references to great musical personalities like Usher and more,”dance permissionIt was no exception.

BTS’ latest English song made ARMY dance and jump and fill the heart with joy in such difficult and adverse times, it also featured dance steps with sign language and MV Show people of different nationalities.

The singer-songwriter was one of the stand-out personalities who couldn’t resist the magic of “Permission to Dance”. Elton John, who sent a loving message to Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook via social networks. : 0

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Elton John is a BTS fan, and he showed that with his love for “Permission to Dance”.

En ‘permission to dance’, Bangtan Sunyeondan Give a well-deserved tribute to the translator of “I’m Still Standing”, after he sang the first lines before Jung KookAnd the Namjoon Stick to the problem with:

When everything seems wrong, just sing with Elton John with that feeling.

Sir Elton John Find out what was mentioned in the song included in the solo CD ‘Butter’ and wrote on his official Twitter account:

When everything seems fine, I appeal to bts_bighit #PermissionToDance

Originally from Pinner in the UK, the star’s post reached over 205K retweets and more than 737K likes and additions. Also follow my BTS account on the platform: BTS_twt and bts_bighit.

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Music celebrities will plan a cooperation? In due time we will know the members now BTS have already been included in their ARMYs list Elton John. Yay!

army! Big Hit musicians have set a record that will surprise you, don’t leave without knowing first: BTS has created a new brand with the official MV of ‘Permission To Dance’.

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