Who is he and why got so viral

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Because ‘Bisonte is there‘Is this a trend? Or rather why is the phrase “Dort. Bison Dort trending?” Error, if it can be blamed, falls on the Canadian player in NBA Luguentz there. He may not know it, but in the whole last 24 hours Spain Talk about him and his role has nothing to do with Oklahoma City ThunderThe team he’s playing for.

Two accounts from Twitter (BisonteDort and Juan_KD) They wanted to make the phrase “Dort. Bison Dort” and they got it. Without anyone knowing why, millions of people joined the onslaught. Tweets They carried the same message. It doesn’t matter what it means or where it comes from. Everyone will see how their “timeline” fills up with the same three words on Friday night.

It is the latest viral phenomenon and the hero is an NBA player who became famous this season. Now everyone already knows who he is, his name is in profiles like name EBay Janus And other celebrities, from many accounts, including the media.

Who is Dort?

It must be said about Luguentz Dort that he earned on the track accounts backing him and dubbed him “Bison”, an animal that is a Thunder mantra. Born in 1999, in Montreal, he is now one of the best defenders in the NBA since their “Canotas” were crossed. LeBron James During the match. His infallible way? He was trying to distract the “king” by placing his hand in front of his face without actually touching him.

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Dort is a 1.91-meter high and 98-kilogram companion that excels in strength – another similarity to the buffalo found on the plains of the United States. His physical fitness and strength while defending allowed him to grow in the best basketball league, and he earned a place in Team Thunder.

Until not long ago it was totally weird even indoors United State. He came to the NBA after announcing that the 2019 draft was eligible, but he failed a lot in the first election led by another “ monster ”, Zion Williamson. Dort didn’t come out on any of the tours, but a spot was found in blue, Team League g For the Oklahoma City Thunder. His jump came in the 2020 bubble.

Dort is indeed the fact that in 41 matches, all as a beginner, he averaged 12.6 points, 3.4 rebounds and 1.6 assists. Besides LeBron, he likes others James Harden They have had to struggle with his defense and he has added some records that put him in a prime position. For example, only copy printLeBron knows what it means to score at least 25 points under the age of 21 in match seven Qualifiers. Now Dort is the newest phenomenon in social networks in Spain.

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