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A boom of drama

Written by Leo Gomes

Hello friends !! Often times, the drama genre feels like little dynamics and a lot of dialogue. Well, fortunately, there are countless titles of this proposal that leave one thinking about what they saw, either because they are based on very special real events or simply because they touch on topics that move us in unimaginable ways. If you keep reading, you’ll find 4 examples of what I’m trying to express!

a series

After life (2019 drama, black comedy, UK) 2 seasons. Netflix / Streaming + 16
I put black comedy, because there is a joke inside Tony’s ordeal. In this series, Ricky Gervais does it all; Scenario, direction and starring role. It’s about appearing in a realistic way and with a bit of humor, how a recently widowed middle-aged man deals with his grief. We learn how losing a loved one affects all areas and situations. It’s short seasons, and it spins around the same topic over and over again to make us somehow understand just how hard it never ceases to be a part of life, but is terribly painful and always unexpected.

When they see us (2017, Miniserie Biography, Police Drama, USA) Netflix / Streaming. 4 classes.
Everyone who is carried away by what we see on television, we dream at some point of traveling to the United States and seeing the places we see in the movies … including New York, of course. In fact, as tourists, with a few dollars we can spend a dream vacation. But in these four seasons they collide with reality hard. The Central Park runner case shows us just how racism is not just in the southern United States. It also reveals the problems of insecurity, systemic neglect and flaws in the judicial system of a country that always pretends to be a role model. It is imperative to see this true story to learn more about what has happened and is still happening in the Northern Giant community.

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The man from the earth (2007, Drama & Science Fiction, USA) Stream / On Demand 87 min
In under 90 minutes, with a ridiculous budget and crew to fit in one room, this movie is truly a cult classic. Impossible for science fiction drama fans that don’t need one special effect. Scroll away from the text and enjoy unique dialogues and interactions. This movie went unnoticed, but the default word of mouth made it huge. What do you think if the most serious and educated person you know admitted something unbelievable to you? Impossible to absorb? Do not know?? Look at her. Safety valve.

Wonderful woman (2018, Drama, Chile) 104 minutos aired / on demand
The Academy Award-winning Chilean Film for Best Foreign Film. A strong emotional tale, but also a great reference for feminine diversity and its always unstable harmony. Marina is a trans girl and with boyfriend Orlando, who is 20 years her senior, they lead a happy and comfortable life until he dies in an unexpected and unusual way. Hence, the protagonist not only fights loneliness and emptiness, but also with all the demons that awaken those around her only because they are not the traditional couple in a society that does not understand that love transcends all taboos or prejudice.

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