Who are today’s guests: Alex Clavero, Maria Gomez, Ricky Merino and Ruth Lorenzo

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this afternoon in password Roberto Leal will welcome four new celebrities as guests. And like every three afternoons, the celebrity roster is replenished, so, from today, we’ll see Alex Clavero, Maria Gomez, Ricky Merino and Ruth Lorenzo.

Alex Clavero He was born in Valladolid in 1981 and has a multifaceted selfie, as it is Comedian, Actor and Screenwriter. He has a unique point of view that he developed on TV Comedy Central Paramount Comedy goose soup out of four, comedy club from La Sexta, Likes by Movistar + and Hormigeroo on antenna 3.

He also frequents the radio on shows like Ansar (Punto Radio CyL) and as a collaborator at The best thing that could happen to you (FM tune). However, his best known work on the airwaves is one with a role SniperRock The pirate and his gang from Rock Fm.

Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, Maria Gomez started his career at Cadena SER employment To live this is two days. From there he went to 80’s and Mother on M80 Radio and also collaborated on modern life. Yes on TV Likes, 90 Minutes, Zabiando, Danny and Flo And was the narrator Welcome to my hotel.

After her departure from Mediaset we saw her on TVE, well He was Presenter This is the program you told me about And The first question. Since the summer cooperate employment kick off.

Ruth Lorenzo was born in Murcia in 1982. in 2008 Participate in the fifth edition ofl talent show The tenth factor in the UK. NSIn Spain, Ruth Lorenzo came to prominence in 2014. That year she made herself shortlisted to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest with her self-composed song, Dancing in the Rain. Win the competition and go to Eurovision, where he is in 10th place with 74 points.

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Since then he has had an unstoppable career. He published two albums, several singles, tied many tours and was very active on television.

Ricky Merino He was born in Palma de Mallorca in 1986. For the majority of the public, Ricky Merino became known thanks to victory operationHe was a participant in the 2017 edition. At the age of 31, he was the oldest in the academy.

Next year Ricky back to victory operation as a chat host That was behind the finery. And there he showed that he had a lot of TV wood. However, it is licence in audiovisual communication And He holds a master’s degree in creativity and television.

It was also on TV music commentator in take off Submit a Netflix Music Contest to sing! And blimp trust him To apply to channel 4 language of love.

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