At the FIL, Thomas Ywell, Promoter of Academic Research was honored

Photo: Fernanda Velasquez

30 years ago, the University of Guadalajara (UdeG) an important ally joined the study and development of environmental sciences, not only in Jalisco, but in Mexico; the doctor Thomas Yoel, current director emeritus at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies in University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW).

His contribution not only influenced research projects such as the discovery of a relative type of maize, but also in the establishment of the Inter-Municipal Environmental Council for the Lower Ayokwila Basin Management (JIRA), A model that has been replicated throughout Jalisco and on a national scale.

After years of strengthening the academic relationship between the two institutions, Yuill was recognized during the Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL) 2021 by the University Centers Costa Sur (CUCSur), from Biological and Agricultural Sciences (CUCBA) And de los Altos (CUAltos).

Photo: Fernanda Velasquez

On Friday afternoon, UdeG Dean General, Ricardo Villanueva Lomelli, presented a tribute to this American researcher. For his distinguished scientific career in the study of zoonotic diseases, public health and biological contribution.

Yoel said gratefully, before the audience gathered in the Sao Paulo room of the Real Inn Guadalajara Expo.

“We have to break down barriers between disciplines and convergence. Nature conservation requires: It is also a good opportunity for our students in Wisconsin to learn about the very important tropical elements.”

I am grateful for the cooperation and friendship with UdeG‘ stressed the world.

Photo: Fernanda Velasquez

CUCSur President Lilia Victoria Oliver Sanchez said: “Dr Yoel specializes in the study of zoonoses. He was a visiting professor for years at UdeG. He added that this is a well-deserved tribute to the academic career of a great and old friend of UdeG.

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CUCSur Researcher Maria Magdalena Ramirez shared some clips from her honors career, such as the fact that he directed 42 doctoral theses, wrote 117 articles in scholarly journals and 40 book chapters.

He stated that his contributions not only influence research, He also worked hand-in-hand on the creation of udeG .’s Museum of Environmental Science (MCA).

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