WhatsApp will not delete accounts or limit jobs on May 15th

The WhatsApp I mentioned no Removal or restriction of account functionality From people who have not yet accepted New terms and conditions that come into effect next one May 15.

By statement, The company has indicated that it is backing down and will allow the messaging app to fully operateEven without accepting the new procedures.

According to the portal The Next WebThe company informed that it will not deactivate accounts that did not accept the new terms and conditions set on May 15, the date on which they will come into effect.

“While the majority of users who receive the new terms and conditions have agreed to them, we estimate that some people have not yet had the opportunity to do so. Accounts will not be deleted on May 15th due to this update and no one will lose WhatsApp functionality either..

We’ll continue to send reminders to people for the next several weeks.“.

WhatsApp Statement

With this offer, WhatsApp confirms that users who have not accepted its new rules You will continue to have the full service of the messaging platformIn addition, they will continue to receive reminders about applying the new terms and conditions of use.

What are the new terminology about?

The new policy is linked to a transactions data that WhatsApp collects, as well as how companies can use Facebook hosted services to store and manage their WhatsApp conversations, Without compromising the privacy of user information.

It must be remembered that the new policies were to go into effect last February, but after the misinformation generated around the world, the platform decided to delay the date and start implementing it on May 15th.

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During this time users were notified, in more detail, through state banners and information, of what changes were made.

The changes are related to updates regarding optional features for companies. In this sense, there is an option to enable customer service, which simplifies the process when chatting with companies that can use Facebook business products.

On the other hand, companies will be able to use Facebook’s web hosting services if they wish. When this happens, the user will see a notification in the chat with the company so that they can decide whether or not they want to continue chatting with this account.

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