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Javier Olmos
Juarez Magazine

Friday 7 May 2021 | 11:31

Five of the eight candidates for the position of governor submitted their economic proposals to the Business Coordination Council, and all of them highlighted the plan to implement a new restructuring of public debt, which, according to what was said during a forum held yesterday, amounts to 60 billion pesos.

Candidates to govern the state presented their economic views on growth and needs in the public finances of the frontier business community, and before that they signed a commitment to promote, propose, defend, hold, stimulate and implement the proposed economic development agenda. By this commercial body.

“We will refinance the debt and transfer free resources to the paving of the streets,” said Maria Eugenia Campos, a brigade holder of the Nos Une Chihuahua coalition of the PAN and the PRD. From here, costs for the construction of a conference center and abandoned hospital equipment at Ex-Hipódromo will also be paid.

Regarding health, he made a joint proposal with business and government to change the management of the epidemic and the post-pandemic, to take care of health and accelerate economic revitalization.

“We need more infrastructure, but this is why I will reward the efforts of the people of Juarez by increasing investment in public works in the city, which generate goods, services and jobs, with well-designed infrastructure implemented by local builders reducing backwardness and causing economic repercussions. Directly to suppliers and local employers, “he told the business community.

He indicated that he would seek cooperation plans with the United States to vaccinate Index employees and their families to allow for a growth rate, in addition to ensuring that it triples the tourism budget, and to explore new paths that will push the Juarez towards better development. Areas like the medical block.

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In addition to ruling austerity as a solution to clean up public finances, Juntos Haremos Historia (Morena-PT-Nueva Alianza) candidate Juan Carlos Luera has also proposed debt restructuring, which he said exceeds 60,000. Million pesos as debt increases with administrative suppliers.

He stressed that in his government, he would run with the Union an economic policy similar to the one already in place from there, without imposing taxes, and with greater consumption capacity thanks to higher wages.

Regarding the austerity policy, he said, high salaries of civil servants will be reduced and pay equity will be implemented in the government structure, although there will also be elimination of dependencies that have duplication of jobs.

On corruption, he said he would present an initiative to Congress to punish this crime severely. “No government official starts doing business; there will be a strict separation between political power and economic power,” he added.

The candidate said he also has a business and service career of 34 years, and confirmed that he has been exporting his products to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and even Australia for 26 years.

For its part, Graciela Ortiz confirmed that it will create an urban fund with an initial government investment of 2 billion pesos, with exclusive use of Juarenses, with an alliance between the federal government, the municipality and the private initiative.

He said he would restructure debt to ease the payments.

Since last December, the state’s debt has reached 49,709 million pesos, which represents more than 7 percent of GDP, as Chihuahua is the country with this highest standard, with the remaining 3.1 percent of Gross Domestic Product Candidates asked:

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What would your government plan think to adequately comply with the constitutional responsibilities of debt, without falling into spending and indebtedness, if we see federal contributions declining in recent years?

Also topic: With regard to contributions to the Federation and the State, Ciudad Juárez will not receive the amount that corresponds to it based on its population; For example, from other entities, Guadalajara receives 3 or 4 times more than its budget. What would your proposal be and how to scale it up to make it viable and sustainable?

Here, Fuerza por México’s candidate Alejandro Diaz, in his first role, began speaking in English and then in the language of Tarahumara. He said that as an immigration doctor for five countries, he had to travel the world sitting with the head of several countries such as Jose Mujica, the former president of Uruguay, and Juan Carlos Varela, also the former president of Panama.

Then he assured that it would attract investment to obtain a pure and conscious knowledge of what is needed as the largest country in the republic. “Think big, do things well, responsibly, with honest and supportive public funding, with people ready to take on the country’s challenges.”

The applicant said that the state’s debt exceeds 52 billion pesos, which is divided between 29,000 direct debts and 23,000 General Secretariat debts. “This is why it is necessary to restructure the debts again, and talk to the most important financiers in the country, and pay them in a timely manner,” he said.

Alfredo “El Caballo” Lozoya of Movimento Ciudadano also said it was important to restructure debt and get better terms and more comfortable payments.

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“We also have to have major surgery in managing resources; reduce the state bureaucracy, go firmly with the finances as if it were the company you run,” he addressed the business leaders. “Nobody in its five meanings would be willing to pay what we pay on government payroll.”

With efficient and digital management, he said, Juarez would continue to win as they would not have to go to Chihuahua to do bureaucratic procedures.

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