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WhatsApp It has become a favorite app for many users in the world not only because it allows you to chat in real time with all your friends, but you also have the option to create stickers, share individual audio recordings and even use the new app. Artificial Intelligence called Meta AI so that it can solve all your queries.

One of them, which is causing quite a stir, is Carina IA. Like ChatGTP, LuzIA, and others, HeyCari is also able to respond to you in any languageIn addition to having a large database so you can find an accurate answer to all your questions. What is the number of this artificial intelligence in WhatsApp?

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Best of all, there is no need to enter a website or download third-party apps, this means that you will not have to download any APK as it can harm your account or simply retain some personal information.

What is HeyCari or Carina IA number on WhatsApp

  • The first thing you should know is that Carina IA or HeyCami does not tend to collect information from your WhatsApp.
  • Remember, if you don't share your profile picture, name, or time of your last contact, HeyCari won't be able to know who's writing to you.
  • To be able to chat with HeyCari or Cari IA you must schedule the number +34 611 22 85 54.
  • Remember to always use the “+” symbol for it to work.
  • Also enter “34” which is the country code.
  • Without these two you won't be able to chat with Carina IA.
  • Once you do that, just go to your WhatsApp application, search for the number with the name you saved it in, and that's it.
  • From that moment on you will be able to talk with Carina IA quickly and easily.
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How to activate “Ghost Mode” in WhatsApp

  • Hide your information and name: In order to leave it completely blank, it is necessary to use the transparent WhatsApp emoji. To get it you must enter this . All you have to do is copy and paste it into the application's information and name spaces.
  • Remove your profile picture: Deleting the profile picture or leaving it alone for you to view is another step you should take. This will prevent your friends from seeing your profile picture or any character you have placed.
  • Hide read receipts: You should also hide the double blue tick when they write to you. This way, your message will only remain in gray checks.
  • Hide last online time and when you are “online”: To do this you must go to WhatsApp, then go to Settings, in that place just click on Privacy. There you should see the function to hide both items. Click on them and then you should make sure that no one sees them and that's it.

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