Difficulty finding work for new graduates of social sciences professions

Mr. Director:

I am writing to express my concern about the difficulty faced by social science graduates in finding employment in the public sector due to the requirement of “3 years or more experience” as an exclusive requirement. As a recent graduate, I am deeply concerned that the current employment system does not value academic performance and skills acquired during college. Unfortunately, this situation has had a negative impact on the lives of many young people who, like me, come from families without connections in the public service. It is frustrating for the younger generations, since from a young age our parents tell us: “Study to be someone in life”, “Eat your books”, “If you study you will go far” and the reality is not like that. In conjunction with these tips.

I hope that public competitions will take into account the academic career of recent graduates to achieve greater employability. It is important that the skills and academic performance of young people seeking employment in the public sector are assessed, as this would allow them to demonstrate their abilities and potential.

Hans Battle Zajal

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