Eggs in Palworld: How to hatch and full list

If you want to know how we can obtain, incubate and hatch eggs in Palworld, we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

In order to fully unlock the Paldeck, we'll need to breed pals through eggs. in In the world We have a wide range of species and genders to have and in the blink of an eye we will have all the available friends.

However, hatching eggs in Palworld is not easy, as we will have to perform a series of steps before obtaining Pal.

So that you don't miss any details, we'll tell you where to find eggs, how to incubate them, and how to make them hatch in Palworld.

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Pocket pair

Where can we get eggs in Palworld?

There are currently two ways to find eggs in Palworld:

  1. Discover them in nature.
  2. Get it from our friends.

Discover them in nature

We will find egg nests simply by exploring the map. The odds will increase dramatically if we approach cliffs and rocks.

Most of the eggs will respawn In the same place every 3 days.

Through our friends

The other way to get eggs in Palworld is to get them from our friends. By doing this function, we will get some of the most powerful samples in the game.

However, to unlock the breeding process, we will first have to reach level 19, after which you can unlock the mixed farm with 2x technology points and build it with x20 stone, x50 fiber, and x100 wood.

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Likewise, for there to be an egg, we would need to collect one male and one female allocated to the mixed farm and one cake. We will place this in the box attached to the farm, and once the two friends are set, they will start producing an egg over time. After getting the eggs in Palworld we will need to build an incubator.

Pocket pair

How to get an egg incubator in Palworld

To get the Palworld egg incubator we will need the following:

  1. Reach level 7
  2. Spend x3 Tech Points to open the Egg Incubator
  3. Spend 10 Palladium Shards, 30 Stones, 5 Cloth Fragments, and 2 Ancient Civilization Fragments to create an Egg Incubator.

When we do this we will be able to incubate the eggs.

How to hatch eggs in Palworld

In order for eggs to hatch in Palworld, we must… Place the eggs we collected in the incubator we created and wait for the timer to end. Remember that the time shown corresponds to the real world, not the game.

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The timer offered by the incubator depends on the scarcity of eggs. The rarer the egg, the longer it will take for it to hatch.

Full list and types of eggs

There are 9 types of eggs in total in Palworld, each corresponding to different types of friends.

These nine types of eggs have different shapes and sizes: regular, large or huge. The larger the eggs, the rarer it is that you'll have a friend once they hatch.

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Here is the complete list of Palworld egg types and the types of mates they hatch:

And that's it! This is all you need to know. If the development team decides to make any changes or expand the menu we will update the news immediately.

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