WhatsApp is the option to send high quality photos and videos

The WhatsApp, The world’s most used instant messaging app, working on a new functionality that allows it Send photos and videos with higher quality than the current quality.

According to the gate WABetaInfoAnd the The functionality that appears in the latest beta versions of The WhatsApp For Android mobile devices ( and, it is still under development.

WhatsApp is an application that allows you to send photos and videos for a long time. However, when we send a photo, our contact does not receive the original, but The file has been severely compressed.

Features to choose from

And when they expose him WABetaInfoWhatsApp will allow us to choose whether we want to send photos or videos in quality “Auto (recommended)”, “Better quality”, “Data save”. According to the portal, the three modes operate as follows:

  • Self (recommended): WhatsApp detects the best compression algorithm for certain photos or videos.
  • best quality: WhatsApp will send the image or video in the best available quality, although it is not specified if it will apply any type of compression.
  • Saving data: WhatsApp will compress videos and images when this mode is activated.

At the moment, not much has been decided on whether this setting will be global or whether it will be modifiable for every file we send.

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