Euro 2021: UK to England

Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard did not mix well with the England double hub. For 14 years, Chelsea and Liverpool have been involved in a wide area of ​​the Three Lions with whom they did not win at the helm. “We were captain and runner-up at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil – both retired from the national team after that appointment – and we always respected each other. But we played against each other, and sometimes, that’s what caught our eye. I was the Chelsea man and Terry was next to me, Stephen was Mr Liverpool and Carragher was by his side.”Lampard admitted. What the then Prime Minister’s agony separated is now united by Gareth Southgate, as he reached the first European Championship final in England’s history.

“In our pick, we met our mates in small groups during focus periods, played at parties and went back to our clubs. That was a passive,” says Lampard, who told one of the keys to this generation’s success. “In my time, we did not hate each other, but it was not easy to coexist after the suffering of the Prime Minister. We were not friends from the lower classes like Spain or Germany.”

There was no connection between the players from the base at the time that the current coach exploited: the stones, Kane, Pickford, Shaw, Sterling, Grealish, Rashford and Chilwell were under Southgate’s under-21 championship. In 2017, Foden and Sancho were under-17 world champions and Mount and James under-19 were European champions. Footballers from different clubs who have grown up alongside the English flounder since they were kids, who have won in the lower categories and have now joined the Absolute to repeat those victories. A heterogeneous group combines well.

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“The next four or five years for England with this group and some of the top players coming from the bottom are very exciting,” Southgate said. “We have to find the right balance between experience and leadership … and give young people opportunities.” . and hereThe balance is more than positive. England’s average age is 25.3 at this Euro (it was 26 at the World Cup in Russia) But he has not lost his ability to compete since the last World Cup semi-finals. They reached the final with a plan in which several “teams” would meet.

“It’s the most united England I’ve ever played in,” said Jordan Henderson. mass to mix in 16 different clubs! There are players from Manchester City (four), United (three), Chelsea (three), Everton (two), Aston Villa (two), Borussia Dortmund (two), Tottenham (one), Liverpool (one), Arsenal (one) . ), Brighton (one), Atletico Madrid (one), Sheffield United (one), West Ham (one), Leeds (one), Wolverhampton (one) and West Brom (one). Mount and Foden collided in the Champions League final for de Dragao, and Sterling and Shaw challenged each other in the Manchester derby…but these brawls did not appear in England.

“The secret is the hug! Jokes aside, we all have a great relationship. Southgate is great in that regard,” said Grealish, who entered the 69th minute of the semi-final against Denmark and was substituted in the second half of extra time. . “It wasn’t an easy decision, but in the end he said to me: ‘Master, it didn’t bother me…we’re in the final!'”They didn’t set foot on grass Ramsdale, Johnston, White, Cady and Chilwell. The strength of the group is clear: They all embraced the singing of ‘Sweet Caroline’ with his fans after meeting Italy at Wembley, no ego.

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The path where psychology is key: Baths with unicorns or barbecues conducted in St. George’s Park brought them together the most. “For many young people, this is their first big tournament. I understand the expectations, but we have to be realistic. I think the players enjoy the challenges rather than fear them. We worked out how to respond to the unexpected,” Southgate noted. Against Denmark they outsmarted them by slipping into the final. United Kingdom.

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