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It is not only used to share text messages, but also to make long distance calls and video calls for free. Through the app, you can also send any type of document between word and PDF and even photos, videos, memes, stickers and funny GIFs.

but not only in It is possible to do endless things with your friends and it also has a series of curiosities like emojis. Nowadays, you have access to a whole catalog of icons of various types.

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For example, you have icons that represent human expressions, as well as food, fruits and vegetables, houses, flags of countries, geometric figures, professions, animals, and even hearts of different shades.

There is now an emoji that attracts the attention of both locals and strangers : It is located around the crossed fingers. Do you really know what it means if they send it to you via WhatsApp? Do they wish you bad luck?

What does the crossed fingers emoji mean on WhatsApp?

If you associate it with some success, you are clearly wrong. In order to really know what the crossed fingers emoji mean in WhatsApp, we must turn to one of the pages that collects and explains each of the symbols in the application: .

According to the web, this emoji is commonly used as a sign indicating luck or to show a desire for a positive outcome.

Find out what the crossed fingers emoji mean in WhatsApp. (Photo: mag)

It even tends to adjust depending on the platform you’re using it on. For example, this emoji is displayed with an extra finger on Samsung devices.

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I wished, as it is known in English, is approved as part of In 2016 cy was added to in 2016.

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