We’ll see if we can get the “juice out of the stones” to consult on invalidation: Cordova

Lorenzo Cordova, Presidential Adviser to the National Institute of Statistics, celebrated the Security Council resolution The Electoral Tribunal that ordered that body to continue the process of consultation on revocation of the mandateBut he warned that they would come out.”stone juiceTo get over a thousand and 500 million pesos they have so far for the fiscal year they budgeted in over 3.8 billion.

And if they don’t get enough, this exercise will be done, even with fewer boxes, if determined by the companies that still count.

“How good would this matter be prosecuted…if we have to go to the extreme, I hope it won’t happen, which is the inability to comply with the standards of the law, And for the record, the National Statistics Institute did everything it could legallypolitically and budgetary to comply with what is prescribed by law, and if it is not good, then no one will be obligated.” Compliance with court ruling.

The National Institute of Statistics agreed to continue the process of canceling the mandate with an initial portfolio of A thousand 503 million pesos to implement, but “other ways” to get more will be explored.

He noted, “If the resources are not available, the National Institute of Statistics will have to make an effort…what it tells us is whether more can be done (budget adjustments).”

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But he explained, “The judgment tells us that all the efforts that the National Electoral Institute will have to make cannot be detrimental to the other tasks of the Electoral College.

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“We will do everything we can, yes, all scenarios will be analyzed, yes, we will see how we can make it cheaper, yes, later The council will decide what to do and what not to do, this is a collegial body,” he said.

“Will we be able to generate enough to lose 2.3 billion? I don’t know. And if not, let’s go to Hacienda to orderThe room tells us, how good it is, it is a wonderful sentence from the room,” he pointed out.

“We will not be able to stop handing over credentials, we will not be able to stop probing, we will not be able to stop probing, we will not be violating any of the workers’ rights enshrined in the Constitution, beware, eh, let’s read the whole sentence.”

“If we also get from there Make the most of the stones and we will see to what extent we achieve. If the sentence is not clear, we will go to the Ministry of Finance.”.

Although they had already gone to the Treasury, Cordova remembered that at the time the agency only said it could not give him more resources, but did not stimulate or find his trade.

“The Treasury will not be able to respond to what it has already answered on other occasions, having replied to us in a letter, let us remember, that The federal government has other priorities, do what you can, So they answered us, eh, the Treasury will no longer be able to do this, and it will have to find us and motivate us not to give us resources,” he stressed.

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“And if there are no resources later, it will be done with what you have, eh…the INE did all it could, and if there were fewer boxes, there would be fewer boxes, that there would be a revocation of the mandate, and if the citizens asked for it, that’s how it would be done,” he said.

The head of the council instructed the secretary of the National Institute of Statistics to inform the court that “we have already done exercises” to adjust the budget, for which they have made just over 1.5 billion pesos. But what is required, according to the consultants, is more than 3,800 million pesos.

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“We will analyze other methods, of course, and we will soon because time stretches. The INE will commit and do what it can do. I hope what can be done is what is required by law.”

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