Wall Printer, the vertical printer that paints your wall the way you want it

A wall printer is a printer that prints with paint on the wall. You can make graffiti, drawings, and even print photos in rooms, living rooms, shops, companies, etc.

when you want Decorate the wallThe simplest thing is to buy vinyl. It is not difficult to wear and looks good, but it suffices to observe it closely to realize that it is affixed to the plate. You can also hire a professional illustrator or use other methods.

But there is a more advanced solution: Wall printer, wall printer. News Vertical printers It became more and more popular. They print quickly, use special ink that is very similar to painting, and the result is more realistic: as if a graffiti artist had painted your home.

Wall printer It is a wall printer that you can buy or rent from The United States and the United Kingdom. It is one of the most advanced regions in the world, as it is the only one Prints vertical at a resolution of 1440 dpi (Points per inch). You can see it in action in this video:

It is a new kind of Vertical printer Able to print on all types of surfaces regardless of porosity. The ultrasound sensor detects and adapts possible deviations and gaps in the wall.

The ink used is very similar to paint. You have UV protection So it does not lose its color if it is hit by the sun, and Water protection, Until you get wet.

The wall printer is able to print any image or drawing on the wall with Height of up to 3.6 meters, And any offer. If a scaffold is used to lift the printer, you can print any height.

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Another advantage of it is that it is very fast. Depending on the complexity of the drawing, it quickly prints in between 1,2 and 80 square meters per hour.

There are different models depending on vertical printer height, resolution, and color. Prices vary between 16,000 and 39,000 euros. It also provides rental service for printing graphics and murals in homes, shops and companies. You have more information On your website.

A very fun solution for all those looking for more realism and quality than what vinyl gives you.

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