Sources say it will be exclusive to Xbox and PC and launch in 2021

Starfield is without a doubt one of the most promising games currently owned by Bethesda and Microsoft. We know a few details about the game, but we have anything for sure, such as that the game will be released on Xbox Game Pass.

Moreover, we know that Bethesda now belongs to Microsoft and with it all the games that the Zenimax lineup has been under its umbrella. Since the purchase by Microsoft became official, there has been a lot of speculation about the company’s launches from now on, and although it has always been said that every situation will be analyzed separately, the truth is that Microsoft now has the upper-hand fryer and you can Do whatever you want.

Xbox and PC exclusive Starfield

Acquaintance, Rand Al Thor, (Entire Xbox Environment Expert) commented on the latest Xbox Two podcast with Jeez Corden, (Windows Central) that Starfield It will be released in 2021 and that the game will only arrive on Xbox and PC, leaving PlayStation consoles out of the game. As reported in this program, “very reliable sources” confirmed this release in the terms discussed here.

We cannot confirm this front at the moment, but as always we recommend that you take this information with caution until Bethesda and Microsoft have finished confirming the details of its launch.

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