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“You’ll never know who your friends are until you’ve fallen from grace”. This phrase is attributed to the French emperor As an introduction to tell from a teacher who was fighting him While she lives alone and away from her family But it was the surprise of her life when her best friend surprised her by setting out on a secret journey of thousands of kilometers just to visit her and accompany her in this terrible moment.

Sian Moss She was diagnosed (29) a week before her birthday in May this year, as having aggressiveness Triple negative breast cancer, a term referring to the fact that The cells of this cancer do not have receptors for estrogen or progesterone. It also does not produce excess HER2 protein. These cancers tend to be more common in women under the age of 40, who are black, or have a BRCA1 ″ mutation., select the gate .

According to the British newspaper , who originally published the story, was not a relative of the teacher who worked at (UAE) was able to travel to support her when she started her chemotherapy sessions, as Dubai, at the time, was on the UK’s red list of risky travel destinations for (The list currently consists of only seven countries.)

I am your loyal friend

After cancer treatment started causing her hair to fall out, Sian felt that this was the least of her problems even her Amanda Cope (28), who set off on a long journey to his surprise when he left him penultimate , seems to personally give him encouragement to continue the work he so desperately needs. Poor Sian was so touched that she figuratively nearly fell on her back.

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in a viral video Who met them on Amanda’s account on tik tok (), which has so far garnered more than 175,000 views and nearly 19,000 “likes,” Sian was seen leaving the hospital with a big smile on her face before stopping and seeing her dear friend before her eyes. Then the two hug and laugh, while Sian does her best not to break down.

Amanda’s surprise came at the best of times. It’s already been a tough week. I started using the cooling cap to try to save my hair, but last week, due to chemotherapy, my hair started falling out and I had severe pain in my bones. That morning I woke up and thought, “That’s the only thing I’ve been missing.” She was in such a bad mood that when I went out and saw her, I almost passed out.”Sian told the newspaper mentioned.

“I couldn’t believe I was standing there. There was so much emotion. I immediately felt better. It was awesome.”Syan added about her meeting with Amanda, whom she met in 2018 when they were both working on it Dubai, but they separated when the latter was left without a job in the middle of the epidemic and decided to return to United kingdom. When Amanda learned about her friend’s illness, she did not think twice and decided to visit her to support her in this difficult time.

Viral video of Amanda Cope and Sean Moss meeting in Dubai

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How did you discover triple negative breast cancer?

When asked how she found out about breast cancer, Sian said it all started last April when she completely accidentally found a lump in her right breast after working out and saw a doctor even though she didn’t feel sick at all. For her, it was the best decision she could make because they were able to detect in time the disease that kills thousands of women around the world every year.

At that point, the UAE was on the UK’s red list, so she had no option of returning home. I just decided to continue my treatment here.”, identified the natural woman of the English city , a non-urban area and county town in Suffolk, United Kingdom, located on the mouth of the Orwell River, with the assertion that “all has gone well so far”.

“I was very fortunate that we were able to detect it in its early stages and it had not yet attacked my lymph nodes. With all this situation, I tell myself how lucky I am to see my disease treated as quickly as possible. It could have been another story in six months to a year”Reflects on Sian, who during the two weeks she’s been with Amanda in Dubai has been encouraged to participate in many of her TikTok videos.

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