Venezuelan Socialist Party begins registration for elections – Prensa Latina

More than seven million members of the political and socialist youth organization will update their data as of next Friday, and they will get their meat in case they are lost, and registration for new members is also open, according to the official spokesperson.

Only 23 points are enabled in the capital, as in the largest of the states, about two dozen buildings provide service, while in those with a smaller population, BolĂ­var yards are the setting for these days.

This week, the Socialist United Party also activated the online consultation of upcoming election regulations on its website, where party members registered with their valid card can apply as a potential candidate.

For his part, Francisco Amelia, a member of the organization’s internal elections committee, recently explained in a television interview that the process consists of three basic moments: nomination, approval of the proposal in the assembly and, finally, a third party where they collect the votes they obtained to elect those who have obtained The largest number of votes.

That committee will then make a qualitative and quantitative assessment, and each proposal proposes which candidates should go to the August 8 open primaries, according to the political organization’s schedule.

He reported that on Sunday, June 27, in compliance with the approved timetable, the basic councils will be formed to receive and nominate all the candidates of the United Socialist Party.

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