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Collaboration and sharing of knowledge, experience and good practices are essential in the continuous improvement processes of any public organization, but especially for SAIs associated with transparency and professionalism. These actions help us satisfactorily fulfill our mandates, generate value and, ultimately, contribute to solving major problems plaguing our society.

This week, the Federation’s Supreme Audit Office participated in two multilateral events that will contribute to increasing its capabilities in two specific aspects: the review of infrastructure projects and public policies to enhance public integrity.

Reviewing an infrastructure project is no easy task, as I explained in this field last week. These types of projects, which are undoubtedly drivers of economic development, are generally complex and to oversee them we need specialized and multidisciplinary methodologies, tools and audit teams.

Therefore, as part of the actions that we have implemented in our institutional strengthening process, we have cooperation with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). This week, our staff attended a technical capacity development course in infrastructure project governance audit, in which experts from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the National Audit Office in the United Kingdom, and the State Audit Institution from Brazil shared their experiences. With us on the challenges SAIs face when auditing the governance of infrastructure projects, at every stage of their process, to help make them profitable, affordable, reliable, sustainable, inclusive and resilient.

This workshop is a sign that the OECD is a privileged space for exchanging experiences and good practices. The close and fruitful relationship we have maintained with this organization has allowed us to take resolute steps to make ASF a key player in further strengthening the governance.

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This week we also concluded a series of webinars organized by the ASF, as Coordinator of the OCCEFS Capacity Building Committee, with the support of the Presidency and the Executive Secretariat of the organization.

These webinars, which were attended by the various SAIs of Latin America, aimed to promote discussion between different actors, such as academics, members of civil society, officials of SAIs and international bodies, such as IDI-INTOSAI and the Alliance for Integrity. Ethics and public integrity to support the citizen’s trust and the credibility of public institutions, their role in managing the crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, and its connection to achieving and managing the sustainable development goals within the supreme audit institutions.

Exchanging ideas and learning about experiences and good practices developed by other SAIs and recommendations supported by bodies, such as the OECD, the Integrity and Professional Performance of the Forum allows us to contribute to better public decisions and, in turn, benefit the community we serve.

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