Venezuela Shows Off Military Power on 213th Independence Anniversary

Venezuela displayed part of its military might in a parade held on July 5 to celebrate the 213th anniversary of its independence. Signing the Independence Act And the National Armed Forces Day.

On Avenida Monumental de Los Próceres, part of the military complex. Fort TionaIn the southern region of Caracas, thousands of soldiers from the four military components of the Republic participated. National Armed Forces (army, Navy, Military Aviation And National Guard), and also Bolivarian Militia From various police and security forces.

The memorial ceremony was chaired by the President. Nicolas Maduro, Accompanied by the Minister Popular Defense ForceCommander in Chief (Army) Vladimir Padrino Lopezmembers Supreme General Staff And civil authorities.

On his part, Vice Admiral Jose Rafael Hernandez Abshe He led the joint military-civilian parade on board an 8×8 amphibious armored vehicle. VN1 The follower Marines.

Special Forces Forces. Signature: 44th Region Command / National Guard


The show began with the participation of students from various officer training academies. National Armed Forceselite units, Caracas Headquarters Battalion The follower Ministry of People’s Defense Forceand based on special forces Of the four military elements. They also accompanied the sailors from Navy of the Russian Federationcrew members of two ships visiting Venezuela. Then different units of Army, Navy, Air Force, National Guard.

Venezuelan Army T 72B1 CeofanbT-72B1 army tanks. Signature: Ceofanb

As for the materials, the army displayed tanks. T-72B1 And BAELS Scorpio 90; infantry fighting vehicles BMP-3 and 8×8 BTR-8; anti-tank missile systems IMI Systems Maps 2 Mounted on 4×4 tactical vehicles I am sorry Tiona; 8×8 self-propelled mortar/howitzer Nona SKV 2S12 towed mortar shells Sanifor 120mm;Offensive Bridge Launcher How much? Leguan MLC 80; mobile communications and healthcare equipment.

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the Field artillery The ground part was represented by towed howitzers. Leonard M56 105/14 Self-Propelled Howitzer 2s19 Musta-S 152/47mm Mobile Multiple Rocket Launcher Systems BM-21-1 Grad 40x122mm and BM-30 SMERSH 12x300mm.

Venezuelan Army BTR 80A CeofanbArmy armored vehicle BTR-80A. Signature: Ceofanb

For its part, the Navy displayed light vessels transported on trailers: first-class missile boats. Pickup III The follower band leadership; River boatsYokocar The 25 Guardian Group Marines. And boats. Give me The objector 1102 The follower Coast Guard Command.

Likewise, the Marine Corps corridor included amphibious tanks. Norinco VN16; amphibious armored vehicles Norinco 8×8 VN1 And VN18and 6×6 Enginsa EE-11 Orotomultiple rocket launchers Accountable 11x107mm on 4×4 tactical vehicles Tiona.

Venezuela Navy Peykaap III Zodi Capital 81 classPeikaap missile boat of the third class. Signature: ZODI No. 81 Capital

The air show included a formation flight led by a transport aircraft. Lockheed Martin C-130H Hercules, Followed by two trainer/light attack aircraft. Hongdu K-8W Karakorum, Two Lockheed Martin fighters F-16 Block 15 Fighting Falcon and two fighters Sokoy Su-30MK2.

Likewise, on the ground, unmanned aerial vehicles of a variety of models identified locally as series on trailers are on display. Anso And from different affiliations. At the same time, in a show of skill, from a helicopter Mi-17V-5 The paratroopers were dropped.

the National Guard It is displayed with its automated means of monitoring public order, such as Norinco 4×4 armoured vehicles. VN4In addition, armored vehicles participated. Come on (Present KDNS France) AMX 13/VTT and 4×4 General Dynamics LD Dragon 300; and speedboats Coastal Surveillance Command.

he Comprehensive Air and Space Defense Command (com.codai), associated with Strategic Operations Command of the National Armed Forces (Siofanb) participated with its missile systems S-300VM Ant-2500long term; M2E bookmedium range, and S-125 Pechora 2M and laptops Igla-SAs well as mobile radars of various models.

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Venezuela FzaArmada Parade 05Jul24 CeofanbView of part of the formation before the start of the show. Signed: Ceofanb

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