What superhero series tops the charts?

Find out which series has captured the attention of platform users since the first chapter.

June was an eventful month. New on Netflix, Especially at the end of the month, when many long-awaited series and movies were added to the comprehensive catalog of the entertainment service by users. In addition, some surprises were also launched that dazzled the audience and were quickly appreciated. One of the most prominent of these was a British program that, shortly after its launch, received praise from viewers and critics alike.

On June 27, it premiered. “Subasil”, A television series originating from the United Kingdom about superheroes. This Netflix production was created, directed and written by Andrew Onwubulu, better known as Rapman, his stage name. Sebastian Theil also directed three episodes. The series consists of one season divided into ten episodes, each about an hour long.

What is the theme of “Supacell”, the Netflix series that tops the charts?

The series revolves around the life of A group of people They seem normal and common, with no supposed connections between them, and they realize that they are not only united by a family history of sickle cell disease, but also that they are all Unexpectedly advanced superpowersA series of events leads them to meet, and as the story progresses, they will discover that there is a secret evil organization seeking to control them.

Netflix’s Supacell Promo

Netflix’s ‘Supacell’ Cast

  • Tosin Cole
  • Nadine Mills
  • Eric Kofi Abreva
  • Adelio Adedayo
  • Eddie Marsan
  • Calvin Demba
  • Josh Tedicco
  • Eye of Raixia
  • Giacomo Mancini

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