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  • Through the Directorate of Scientific Communication, and workshops led by the academic, scientific and research community at this university, in addition to other institutions.

Researchers and UV students in Konikali, where 40 boys and girls aged 6 to 13 years participated

Universe Opening

Images: Courtesy of the UV Scientific Communications Directorate

07/05/2024, Xalapa, Edition- The Directorate of Scientific Communication (DCC) of the University of Veracruzana (UV) offered a series of workshops for girls, boys and young people living in vulnerable situations, with the aim of arousing their interest in science and the development opportunities it offers them.

María del Socorro Aguilar Cocorachi, President of the DCC, reported that scientific workshops were facilitated at La Casa del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, in Bandrilla, and at the Conecalli Elementary School, affiliated with the DIF of Veracruz, coordinated by Roxana Zermeño and Katia Zamora, members of the unit.

UV students and professors with Conecalli staff during the implementation of the Recreo initiative.

The contents of this initiative, called Recreo, were the responsibility of members of the academic, scientific and research community of this university, as well as other institutions and groups.

On behalf of UV, the Centers for Environmental Literacy, Knowledge Dialogue and Biomedical Research also collaborated; the Institutes of Health Sciences, Basic Sciences, Neuroethics, Psychological Research, Biological Research and Anthropology; the Faculties of Nutrition, Psychology, Law, Philosophy, Biology, Anthropology, Physics and Biopharmaceutical Chemistry; the LUMO Group, made up of university students; the XBalam Laboratory of the General Directorate of the Academic Area of ​​Biological and Agricultural Sciences, as well as the Xalapa Museum of Anthropology.

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Conecalli’s directions with the head of the Scientific Communication Directorate

“The workshops not only focused on science education, but were also a comprehensive support that demonstrated how interdisciplinary alliances can have a positive impact on society,” Aguilar-Cocuraci stressed.

The diversity of academic disciplines provided participants with a unique multidisciplinary learning experience, enriching their knowledge and awakening their interest in science.

Astronomy workshop led by professors and students of the Faculty of Physics

“This joint effort by the Directorate of Scientific Communication, the Municipality of DIF and the Secretariat of Education of Veracruz, as well as the collaborating educational agencies, has been fundamental to build a more promising future for young people in vulnerable situations, demonstrating that science, solidarity and social transformation go hand in hand to achieve a lasting impact,” added the President of the DCC.

This workshop cycle, which concluded in June, is expected to serve as a foundation for future initiatives that enhance the relationship between science and society.

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