US soldiers have accidentally uncovered nuclear weapons sites

According to the Bellingcat investigation site, the soldiers had created flashcards to protect information about nuclear weapons.

American soldiers Responsible for guarding the nuclear weapons Europe Detect the exact locations of the weapons and high security protocols through Conservation Codes.

to me Search site Bellingcat, Soldiers have created flash cards in apps like Chegg prepAnd the Quizzalt s Cram.

Through these cards, soldiers were able to keep information about a species ArmamentAnd the TableAnd the Monitoring systems e Badges Definition of.

Voiki Postma, the author of the article in English Bellingcat He pointed out that the location of the weapons can be done through publicly known terms that have finally revealed information related to European weapons and military bases.

Some cards It contained some clues by which nuclear weapons were located.

For example, A. The card indicated Five of the 11 bunkers were “hot” to indicate containing nuclear bombs and the rest were “cold” to indicate that there was nothing there.

The safes are categorized inHot“Oh”the coldIt was part of a group of 80 tokens that matched the armament that was at the Air Force Base of the Aviano, In Italy.

In addition, other sets of cards revealed classified information on the grounds of TurkeyAnd the Belgium s Germany.

All cards were public and available to anyone since 2013 but were removed from the web after that Bellingcat Initiation of the investigation and liaison with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as well as the United States Army.

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