Viber’s identity revealed in the first episode of The Masked Dancer

Diversity star Jordan Banjo is the first celebrity to be revealed in The Masked Dancer.

Banjo, 28, was revealed as the mysterious ascent to the stage as Viber in the first episode of Virgin Media One.

The show, a show on the Masked Singer series, sees 12 famous contestants perform unique dances as the panel of Jonathan Ross, Ute Mapuz, Davina McCall, and Mo Gilligan try to guess their identities.

After landing at the bottom of the three alongside Knickerbocker Glory and Beetroot, the committee decided to reveal the Banjo Viper character.

He said of his participation on The Masked Dancer: “For the past twelve months everyone has been in a place like, It’s not fun and something like The Masked Dancer is about coming here, dressing up and laughing and the like, we’re just going to drink. Something. . “

Prior to his performance, Banjo’s clues to his identity included references to boxing, with the dance star later explaining that his father was a boxer and that his son’s name was Cassius, referring to Muhammad Ali.

Prior to its introduction, Banjo was mentioned alongside former Love Island contestants, Tommy Fury and Curtis Pritchard, as well as boxer Anthony Joshua.

After the episode aired, McCall tweeted a series of Red Heart emojis: “Love it! I love uJordan_Banjo #MaskedDancerUK”.

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Episode 1 also saw the performances of Zip, Llama and Scarecrow.

After Zip’s performance, the panel assumed the mysterious celebrity could be RuPaul’s Drag Race host, RuPaul, Judge Rinder, or Nigel Farage.

Newcomer Mabuse speculated that it might be Dermot O’Leary, while Gilligan said she thinks it might be an older person named Chris Evans.

Speculation about who might include the llama Zoe Paul, Sarah Cox and Keri Katona, with popular names for Scarecrow such as actress Sean Gibson, Stacy Dolly, Flor East and Michael Keegan.

Other not yet played characters include: Squirrel, Car Wash, Flamingo, Rubber Chicken, Frog, and Beagle.

Speaking before the series began, Ross explained that there are more clues spread throughout the shows.

He said, “There are more clues not only in the packs, but also in the music they dance to and props on stage, in the designs on the screens behind them and what the dancers are wearing around them and what they are.” Wears. Some costumes are changed every night. “

Juice Stone crowned the disguised singer earlier this year, after it was revealed that it was a sausage.

The Masked Dancer continues on Virgin Media One at 7:30 PM Sunday.

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