Unlawful Espionage: Gustavo Arribas’ Business Tour | The former president of macrista AFI asked permission to go to the United Arab Emirates to negotiate with footballers

while your friend Mauricio Macri is in Saudi Arabia, The Former Director General of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) Gustavo Arribas requested permission to travel to the United Arab Emirates to make Work as a soccer player. Judge Martin Bava, who took his place in Dolores, had already been allowed to leave, but the complaint by attorney Valeria Carreras alleges that the former Mr. Cinco provided information to dispel fear of the risk of escape.

Last October, Areba requested permission to travel to Brazil, where his youngest daughter lives, and to Uruguay, where the elderly live. Judge Bava did not authorize this because he realized there was a risk of escaping, especially since he had not been able to investigate Macri since then. However, Arribas managed to Federal Chamber of Mar del Plata It will allow you to leave the country between November 7 and December 8.

In the final hours, his attorney, Jorge Sorrigues, requested permission for Arribas to add a stop – too far – to his flight. He wants to fly to the luxurious Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, to attend a meeting for his football work between 27-30 of this month. Bava, who no longer had many alternatives after the approved mood in the House of Representatives, authorized it.

Arribas’ lawyer’s request was accompanied by an invitation that was contacted by the CEO of the group Sapphire Sport Management, allegedly interested in doing business with Arribas’ company, Soccer Agenciamiento Esportivo. The funny thing is that even though the note has a signature, it doesn’t have the name of the signer. There is also no official paper, phone number or other information about the company, Carreras’ attorney said in a presentation on Friday afternoon. On the contrary, the only firm found by the lawyer with that name was UK-based and inactive for years. In this sense, Carreras highlighted the fear of escaping and asked Arriba’s defense to provide more information.

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Arribas accumulate four trials Because of illegal intelligence released by the AFI during the macrismo: two in Dolores (ARA San Juan and Proyecto AMBA) and two in Lomas de Zamora (observation of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner at the Patria Institute and the adventures of Super Mario Bros., including prison espionage).

So as not to deprive yourself of travel

The trend of adding stops to flights was opened last week by Macri, When he was advised to spend two nights in Doha, Qatar, before returning from Riyadh. Macri’s lawyer, Pablo Lanos, confirmed that the itinerary had not been changed, but it was about stops, which, in addition, made it possible for the ex-president to arrive earlier than planned.

From the complaint led by Carreras, they denounced that the information was not correct. Prosecutor Juan Pablo Corrie asked Judge Bava to verify what the lawyer had denied. On Monday, Bava agreed with Carreras but said Macri had already obtained a permit.

How does the investigation proceed?

After the Federal Chamber of Mar del Plata confirmed on Thursday that he is at the head of a dossier of spying on relatives of ARA San Juan, Bava must now decide whether to sue Macri for the illegal tasks the Mar del Plata delegation from the Air Force Intelligence Agency carried out on the divers’ relatives. The judge will already be in time to do so, although in the last hours he requested the list of arrivals from Arribas and his second-in-command, Silvia Majdalani, to Casa Rosada and Quinta de Olivos between December 2017 and December 2018. With this action, it is understood that Bava is seeking to see if documents in exSIDE – which represent follow-up processes – coincide with AFI leaders’ meetings with Macri, since then The judge’s main hypothesis is that spies followed relatives to Macri’s prediction of how he would move in a case that was attracting national and international attention.

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Bava is waiting too written data From three witnesses requested by the PRO . Commander: AFI inspector, Cristina Camano (who denounced him in September of last year), Head of the Military House Alejandro Guglielmi and Vice-Macrista Cristian Ritondo. The legislator has already requested an extension, which may extend the time before the judge determines Macri’s procedural status.

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